Thursday, 10 December 2015

Touch & Basketball

On Sunday we came up to school at 5:30.

I went with my church friends to play touch for our church touch team. I was angry because I was the slowest one there but when I took my shoes off and gassed them all. I scored 4 tires for my team. The other team scored 5 tries. We all had fun. But then it was time to go to Erema to play basketball. We got a drink from the dairy.

But there was one problem we didn’t know if the card had money in it. So when we got to the counter we were praying for it to work. It was the moment of truth. And the card worked. My uncle dropped off  me and my cousins to the basketball court next to Tamaki College. When we got there my sister was there. When we got there me and my cousin started getting the goals for my team.

When it was 10:00 we all went home. I walked to my cousin house with my sister because my dad was waiting for us there with my little brother. After that we walked home.

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