Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Julian Savea

JULIAN SAVEA Image result for julian savea

 Julian Savea is my role model and I want him to visit us in Room 11. He plays for the all blacks and is a winger. He’s fast and skilled and plays for the Hurricanes in Super rugby.

 He won the IRB’s junior players award in 2010 and was born in 1990. I want him to come and visit my school because he gets really cool tries and I  want to do that just like him.


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  2. Malo lelei Samuel
    I really like your Julian Savea description. I want to meet him too and he is my favourite rugby player. What is your second favourite rugby player.

  3. Hello Samuel
    I’ve seen you have done blog post about Julian Savea. I didn’t know that Julian Savea won the IRB’s junior players award in 2010. I like how you set out all of your information and your opinions. Why is Julian Savea a role model to you?