Monday, 9 November 2015

World’s Strangest Flavours

Most of us like to try new foods and things, but what happens when popular foods are mix with popular flavours?

Should companies keep trying to create new combination of flavours or are some creations going too far? Check out  the list of most unusual food flavours found around the world.

1. Yoghurt Pepsi 
2. Pizza and spaghetti slushee 
3. Pancake drink 
4. Fish Soup Chips
5. Mint and yoghurt Doritos 
6. Grilled corn Kit Kat
7. Peanut and jelly soda
8. Liver flavoured bubblegum
9. Peppermint Ant Lollipops
10. Vegetable flavoured jelly


  1. Hey Samuel,I was reading the list of strangest flavors. Would you be able to taste these strange flavors?

  2. Hey Samuel,this is a funny list of mixed foods and flavors that you did there.What do you think is the yummiest out of all?